Land Owners

  • Land/ Technical Acquisition Report
  • Feasibility Studies and Schemes
  • Land Quality and Abnormals Report
  • Services Information
  • Cost Planning

This service can be as detailed or as brief as you wish. This can include a cost plan if required.   We have extensive knowledge of the land purchasing process and have dealt with many successful land deals in the past.

In some cases we also offer a speculative ‘no win no fee’ service on land developments with a percentage of the uplift of the land taken at sale, rather than pay up front for planning.

Developers/New Build

  • Master Planning and Applications
  • Working Drawing Packages
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Assessments

And we can arrange on your behalf

  • Land Quality Assessments
  • Social Housing Schemes
  • SAP/Energy Performance Certificate

Our staff include those who have come from a house building background working as project technical managers for major house-builders. This means we offer a superior service which differs from an average architectural practise, as we know and appreciate what information is important from a construction and commercial aspect. This will allow an improved and efficient project from initial consultation to CML sign off when it is most important that all information is accurate and approved.

Project Management

Free-lance and Consultancy

We have successfully developed a consultancy system where we can offer additional support to other consultants and our clients when they need it. This can be as flexible as you require, fitting into your existing team and helping out in whatever capacity, from managing projects to CAD work.

We have used this a number of times with other consultants who need help when a larger project requires more man hours, but do not want to take on someone permanently or commit to the expense of more staff.

Notably we were contracted by Wiltshire Council for 6 months who required help to develop affordable council housing on council owned land. We also were able to source other land that was also council owned and start new projects internally that were going to be a phase 2 of council house development, helping them with their housing need targets.

We offer this service to other consultants, Housing Associations, councils and contractors who may need help with an area of expertise they are perhaps not as familiar with.

If you need help at anytime please contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss how we can help you.